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Acupuncture and Motorpoint (Dry needling) Motorpoint, Dry needling for extra tight muscles and spasms, Traditional Five Element and Ear Acupuncture for chronic care.

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Acupuncture and Motorpoint (Dry needling)
Personal Development Coaching Tools and coaching to help you improve any or all aspects of your life. Your life is yours to choose and make as YOU WISH!

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Personal Development Coaching
Chiropractic and Massage From deep relaxation to therapy, new injuries to old pains... healing should feel good. Time tested gentle chiropractic care for children and adults.

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Chiropractic and Massage
Quantum Touch… The energy technique to regain harmony and ease in your body, mind, and spirit. This tremendously effective energy technique can work either in person or for distance healing.

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Quantum Touch…
Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention Discover and/or correct imbalances which may already have you on a path to injury or pain. Knowing what specific stretches to do now keeps you from having to learn rehab exercises later.

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Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention