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Life Coaching Parker Colorado

Life Coaching Parker Colorado

Life coaching involves a journey of discovery.  Whether you want to enhance your relationship, your career, your finances, your spirituality or your overall happiness, Life Coaching is about pinpointing what is not working for you and transforming obstacles into catalysts for success and creativity.
Basically, coaching is for anyone who wishes to reach for more than they’ve got right now. More satisfaction, more love, more success, more! Our relationship with you is based on our commitment to encourage, support, challenge and celebrate you along your journey.

One-on-One Coaching:

As coaches, we are about discovery and transformation. We are here to help you discover who and how you want to be, and transform your life to meet, and possibly exceed your ideal life. We are not counselors nor are we therapists. We’re more like architects, working with you to design and create the life, relationship, career, body or being you want.
Life Coaching is for people who are:

  •     Wanting more from life
  •     Looking for ways to be “happier”
  •     Unsure of what to do “next” in their lives
  •     Plagued by nagging tasks or goals that just don’t get accomplished
  •     Waiting for that “perfect” relationship to develop
  •     Searching for an answer to “the meaning of life”
  •     Stuck in a personal, professional, physical or relationship rut
  •     Bothered by something that is “missing” in their lives

Coaching sessions are structured as follows:

  •     Sessions may be face-to-face or by phone
  •     One 50 minute session per week (or every other week, if preferred)
  •     Optional e-mail support
  •     Possible “field work” between coaching sessions
  •     Life Coaching fees vary, depending on which coaching package best meets your needs.


Personal Development Coaching Workshops are typically 2½ – 3 hours in duration, and are usually held on Saturday afternoons. Each workshop is held in the “big room” at Natural BodyWorks, and is structured for a maximum of 10 participants.  ($45)

Visioning for Your Life – This workshop is a fantastic journey into the depths of your Higher Self, wherein you will be able to ask powerful questions, and get POWERFUL answers that will undoubtedly give you clarity on “what’s next” for you. Following the visioning process, you will be able to work on a ‘vision page’, which will be a tangible creation based on your visioning process.

Discover Your Purpose – Possibly the most profound and inspiring of our workshops, the process of discovering your purpose takes you through a series of questions, resulting in a Purpose Statement that will get you excited about your life! This is not a search for an occupational ‘purpose’, nor a target of what you ‘want to become’. In Discovering Your Purpose, you will clearly and distinctly state, in your own words, what it is that you are here to do, during this phase of your life.

Landscaping Your Life – Ever plan your life to go one way, but feel like it has gone a completely different direction? This workshop is designed for you to get clear on what it is that you want, set a path to accomplish EXACTLY that!  If you plant radishes in your garden, you most likely will not sprout roses. The Landscaping Your Life Workshop will help you to raise your awareness about what you’re planting, so there are no surprises with what grows!