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ACUPUNCTURE for Health and Pain relief

Acupuncture for chronic conditions and muscle spasms

Five Element Acupuncture and ear acupuncture are very old techniques from Japan, Korea and China. Some of the teachings are thousands of years old and still valuable and useful today. In fact, some of the concepts in acupuncture also known as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) are just now being re-proven with modern science and such ideas as Quantum Mechanics.  Acupuncture does not cure or heal from the outside, but re-balances the inner environment, re-establishes harmony and allows the body and mind to come back to balance.  At the bottom of the page is a list of treatable conditions.  There are far more uses for acupuncture but we have decided to focus where we have seen the most success.

Dry Needling, Motor-point or trigger-point needling.

Dry needling is just a term to define the technique of using a hypodermic needle with nothing in it to puncture and stimulate the healing process in a trigger point.  We use very thin acupuncture needles and gently insert them into a muscle spasm (trigger point) and disrupt the tight tissue, thereby stimulating the body to recognize this area as an acute problem so that it can re-begin a healing cascade.  Chronic muscle spasms have become the ‘normal’ for your body and need to be stimulated to re-start the healing process.  This usually takes just a few treatments and the focus is very local.  This procedure shows very good promise for lasting relief and can be used in Fibromyalgia patients, arthritic patients, and anyone with an old injury that still gives them chronic pain.  Sometimes the techniques used at our Parker Acupuncture clinic are commonly called; Motor-point needling, Dry Needling, trigger point needling, functional acupuncture, functional needling.  Other names for dry needling: Trigger Point Dry Needling, Intramuscular Dry Needling, Intramuscular Stimulation, and Skin Needling

Meditation training and acupuncture for anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and worry…

Acupuncture treatments are well known to facilitate relaxation and whole body harmony.  Meditation can enhance the effectiveness of that effect as well as train you to see anxiety rising in your body and give you effective and realistic tools to stop it in its tracks.  We find that worry, stress, and anxiety are common in today’s world.  We also have discovered that if you practice being upset, worried, or stressed you will automatically ‘go there’ when something occurs that is either out of your control or not what you wanted at the time.  Meditation PRACTICE allows us and trains us to see and be in the world in this present moment and to become aware of the changes in our minds and bodies.  With this powerful practice we can better control and guide our minds to live the life we want and deserve.  Not to become a slave to our ‘gut’.

Acupuncture has a very specific set of points that can change person to person for stress, anxiety, depression, worry, and panic disorders.  Once we have determined the pattern you are in, this therapy does not help you identify the cause but instead realize and acknowledge the process and stop it before it ramps up to a full blown episode.  With a few treatments you can start to feel calm much more of the time, feel balanced, centered and in control.  Therapy will give you the why’s we work on HOW you are going to manage and get through it, effectively.

The course of treatment lasts four months (about half the time of a medication regime).  Twice a week meditation and acupuncture in a safe, calm relaxing environment with an anchoring essential oil formula you can take with you.  The meditation practice will start with tuning into your body while in an acupuncture treatment session, appreciating and really understanding what it IS to BE relaxed.  Guided meditation, specific to YOU is offered along with techniques to use at home and work to enhance the benefit of being HERE NOW…  Total cost for the four months is $1000.00  as a discounted package, to go through the entire program is essential, as it is a practice of the mind and body,  would cost about $2,000.00.  ($60 per acupuncture treatment with personalized essential oil for grounding ($15), then guided meditations while you are getting treatment ($49) each)  The schedule is a minimum of twice a week for up to an hour each session, with the gradual decrease in frequency after the second month to no less than once a week. After the fourth month, maintenance is highly recommended on a once a month basis. (billed separately)

Gua Sha (Scraping) and Cupping Therapies.

Gua Sha uses tools to gently scrape the skin to rise the blood and move fluids within the tissues.  This serves to reduce and eliminate stagnation, toxins and inflammation, especially chronic inflammation.  This technique is thousands of years old, using special lubricating medicated oils and salves to open pores and facilitate blood movement through the tissues.  This is a great therapy for muscle tightness, rotator cuff injuries, chronic back pain, neck pain and calf pain.  I have even used it with great success for sciatica, plantar fascia problems, elbow pain, and carpal tunnel!  Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

Only a good evaluation can get to the real diagnosis and underlying causes of your individual health issue, please call or text for an appointment.  720-325-9886

Typically, one or two visits really do not gain the full result, in some there is a dramatic change and improvement but this is the exception, not the rule.  Acupuncture is a treatment plan that should last many many weeks if not months for best maintenance result.  Regular maintenance is essential with other activities of self care and treatment.